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Issue #2: World Information Architecture Association, Community Interviews, and more





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Issue #2: World Information Architecture Association, Community Interviews, and more
Welcome to the second issue of the World Information Architecture Digest, a global newsletter featuring resources for learning and professional development, as well as general news about the association behind World IA Day.

World Information Architecture Day is growing up! To build the steps to move the discipline forward, we have created World Information Architecture Association.

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World IA Day is growing up.
We started as a grassroots organization, organizing events once a year, bringing people together to talk about the order and structure of things. Now it’s time to build the steps to move the discipline forward.
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Peter Morville
I'm looking forward to seeing the World IA Association build upon the success of @WorldIADay.
What do you feel is important for the community?
How do you see the community? What does it mean to be part of a World IA Day community? The global board wants to know from you. A group of volunteers is helping us find out what you think is important for a professional and educational community around information architecture. 
This is part of our continuous efforts to hear back from the community-at-large. There’s a lot at stake to reform this organization. We’d like to include you along this journey.
Interested in being interviewed? Tell us more about you!
State of Information Architecture survey - Ends Dec 31
How do you define IA? What kind of information architecture work do you do or know? What kind of skills are important? Let us know! 
Take the 15-minute survey in Arabic, English, Italian, or Spanish!
Follow us on GitHub as we design, analyze and synthesize the findings and data for the annual State of IA Report. 
This project is possible in partnership with Optimal Workshop
Organize a WIAD22 event, gather your local community!
Every year we ask, Why do you want to organize a World IA Day event? Here’s what we’re hearing: 
  • World IA Day has been a very successful event in our area for many years.  I frequently get questions as to when the next year’s event will take place and when the call for speakers will go out.  - From WIAD Akron (formerly Kent)
  • It’s something I brought to Poland, I like doing it, it’s needed and it’s my official task now. ;) - From WIAD Torun, Poland
  • Experience is great in preparing a conference and in organizing, communicating with people interested in IA - From WIAD Zürich, Switzerland
Join the community of local organizers! 
Resources and Development in the Community
If you know of any other events, programs, and worthwhile resources for information architecture, please let us know or email
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